Chapter 13 Plan Summary

PDF VERSION: Click here for Chapter 13 Plan Summary Form- PDF Version

EXCEL VERSION: Click here for Chapter 13 Plan Summary Form- Excel Version


There is a "Security feature⁄bug" in Internet Explorer 8 (It has been reported to have been fixed in Internet Explorer 9).

The Problem
When clicking the link for the .xlsx Excel file, my web browser attempts to start the download by changing the file extension to a .zip (or compressed file).

If you experience this problem Try one of the following Work-Arounds . Otherwise, Click here for Chapter 13 Plan Summary Spreadsheet Form - Excel Version

The Work-arounds

(Work-around 1) The easiest work around might be to have people try and use a different web browser to download the file. Something like FireFox or Opera or Safari should work (We have tried the first two and they both worked).

(Work-around 2) The next easiest work around is to either rename the file being saved at the time it is being downloaded or wait until after it has been downloaded and saved to the local hard drive and have the user use Windows Explorer to find and rename the file. In either instance you would want to rename the file by changing the file's extension from .zip to .xlsx

Note: If you choose to rename the file at the time it is being downloaded, be sure to change the Download type dropdown to "Save As Type: All file"

You may come across this information if you are searching on your own for a fix:
Microsoft has a security "feature" in IE8 that is found in the Security Settings tab about 2⁄3 of the way down for an option called "Open files based on content, not file extension" by default this is being set to "Enable" Supposedly if we disable it and clear all cache and cookies, and then close all instances of open web browsers. It should then recognize that the Excel file with the .xlsx extension is not a compressed or zip file but instead is actually a spreadsheet. However, after learning of this information we tried downloading from web site and it failed. This only appears to work from email based downloads.