Helpful Hints

What does "Refer" mean?
When the pleading you are filing links/relates to a previously filed document. Examples: 


Objection to a Motion to Avoid Lien refers to Motion to Avoid Lien; 


Amended Motion for Relief from Stay refers to Motion for Relief from Stay.

Instructions to Refer related document:

  1. At the "Does this filing refer to an existing document in this case?" screen:


    Place a check mark in the box.

    • At the "Category of Documents" screen:


      Select the appropriate category in which the related document was filed.

      • At the "Docket Text" screen:


        Place a check mark in the "include" box to select the appropriate related document.

When do I "Attach" documents?
When what you are filing supports the main document being filed.  
Examples: Declaration in support, Proofs of Service, Memorandum of P&A's, etc.

Instructions for attaching supporting documents (pdf files)

  1. At the "Browse" screen, click on the 'yes' button at "Attachments to Document:"
    • Browse, verify and attach supporting document (pdf file.)
      • Select "Type" of document, if applicable, or type description of document. 
        • Click on "Add to List" button. 
          • Repeat steps 1 -3 until all supporting documents are attached.


When do I file a document as "Stand Alone"?
When the document you are filing requires a deadline or hearing date to be set.
   ~Note: All documents filed in the Notices & Hearings category are considered Stand Alone documents.




Chapter 11/13 Plan


Notices and Request for Hearings

Why do I need to Save or Print to PDF the "Notice of Electronic Filing"?
The Notice of Electronic Filing is considered as your electronic receipt for your filing.



Why do I need to Browse and Verify my pdf or txt files before I Attach in the "Filename" field?
This ensures that the file that is being attached is correct. 
~Note: The court quality assures all incoming files and verifies for /s/party's name, missing pages, correct document to ECF event, correct case number, readable file, etc.

Instruction to verify while filing in ECF:

  1. Locate the document (pdf or text).
    • Right-mouse click on the filename.
      • Select "Open" from the drop down menu. This will launch the pdf or text file.
        • Verify the document.
          • Close the document by clicking on the "X" in upper right hand corner of the Adobe Acrobat or NotePad application.
            • Click on "Open" button in ECF to attach the document in the Browse... field.


Fee Payments
All documents requiring fees that are filed via CM/ECF must be paid electronically by the attorney. American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa are acceptable for payment. 

Important!: Payments should be received on the date documents are submitted to the court. 

  • Pay Now allows you to pay now. Enter the appropriate information in the fields provided. If your credit card is not approved, the Bankruptcy Court will contact you with payment options.  

  • Continue Filing allows you to continue filing in CM/ECF and accumulated more fees. 


To Pay Now, access:

  1. Click on the "Utilities".
    • Click on "Internet Payments Due".
      • Click on "Pay Now" and follow prompts.


Add/Create a New Party (Filer)


  1. Click on Add/Create New Party.
    • Search for a Party screen:
      1. Enter social security number, tax identification number or last/business  name (upper and lower case) to search for new party filer name in the ECF database.
        • Party search results:

          • If party filer name appears, select the name from the list and verify 

            party name information (pop up window). 

          • If party name information is the same,  click on "Select name from list" button.

          • If debtor name does not appear (No person found), click on "Create new party."

    • Party Information screen:
      This screen appears for selected name or creating new party.
      1. Complete/Update all appropriate fields for the new party filer.


        Select Role for new party filer such as Creditor (cr:cr).

    • Select the Party screen:
      1. Highlight the new party filer name and Submit.