1986 Judgments

Judgments - 1986

1985-027 Deutsche Credit Corporation Davis, Wayne dba Davis Tractor Company $6,413.24 05/09/1985 84-0113 Plaintiff   YES  
1985-028 McCONNICO, WARREN L. Union Bank & Trust Company $1,780,940.87 03/28/1985 85-0029 Defendant   YES  
1985-029 Ford, Harry J. Vernon Ray Torix aka Buck Torix and Linda K. Torix $7,500.00 06/12/1985 84-0085 Plaintiff   YES  
1985-030 The City National Bank of Fort Smith Arkansas Monks, Alfred Alo $0.00 06/07/1985 85-0008 Plaintiff   YES Fraudulent Misrepresentation- Defendant can't discharge debt
1985-031 Barnett, James Leon & Linda Martin and A. Camp Bond, Jr. McDaniel, George Willia L. and Lloyd Dean McDaniel $0.00 06/17/1985 83-0034 Plaintiff   YES Order to Abandon Assets
1985-032 Turner Brothers, Inc. The Oklahoma Department of Mines $0.00 06/13/1985 85-0018 Defendant   YES Order Approving Agreement
1985-033 Turner Brothers, Inc. N/A $0.00 06/13/1985 85-00053 Obtain Credit   YES Order Authorizing Turner Brothers Inc. to Obtain Credit
1985-034 Turner Brothers, Inc. Transwestern Mining Company $0.00 06/13/1985 85-00053 Assumption of contracts   YES Order Approving Agreement
1985-035 Betty Outhier Williams, Trustee Bell, Gerald $900.00 06/21/1985 84-0033 Plaintiff 06/21/1985 YES Satisfaction of Judgment filed on June 21, 1985 in Adv 84-0033
1985-036 Cleo Southern Roberts, Delmas Odell $0.00 07/06/1985 85-0032 Defendant   YES Defendant is granted a Discharge
1985-037 Deutsche Credit Corporation Davis, Wayne dba Davis Tractor Company N/A 07/06/1985 84-0113 Defendant   YES Garnishee is directed to forward the funds to the clerk of the court.
1985-038 Flanary, Larry J. & Verna L. Brooks, Roy Gene $0.00 07/06/1985 83-0163 Defendant   YES Complaint is denied debtor be issued a discharge
1985-039 Smith, Bobby Jack & Lawanda M. Bob smith dba Bob Smith Farms aka Bobby J. and Lawanda Smith Farmers Home Administration $5,750.00 07/07/1985 85-00169 Both   YES Value of the Collatered is avoided up to $10,000 limit continuing and binding the Debtor of $5,750.
1985-040 Cheek, Lela Earnestine Smock, Sondra $20,739.50 07/26/1985 84-0100 Plaintiff   YES Debtor is denied a discharge
1985-041 United States of America Fore, Benjamin Baker $9,124.99 07/28/1985 85-0022 Plaintiff   YES Plaintiff have Judgment  in the amount of $9,124.99
1985-042 Williams, Betty Outhier UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and C & F Distributors, Inc., $0.00 07/30/1985 85-0041 Plaintiff   YES Order Allowing Sale of Real Property
1985-043 Warren L. McConnnico, Trustee Bonner Oil Company $8,139.98 08/11/1985 84-0084 Plaintiff   YES Defendant is allowed an Admin claim in the amount of $4,252.59 and after payment of this judgment and unsecured claim the the amount of $16,414.99
1985-044 General Electric Credit Corporation Lehmann, William A. & Mary Jean $13,300.00 08/24/1985 84-00335 Plaintiff   YES That the debt owed is a valid and subsisting obligation
1985-045 First National Bank, Antlers, OK Marshall, Edward L. aka Ed Marshall aka E. L. Marshall N/A 10/01/1985 85-0046 Plaintiff   YES Order Denying Discharge
1985-046 League, Inc. Peyton McKnight  $0.00 11/06/1984 84-31609 Abandonment   YES Order Authorizing Abandonment of 63 Horses
1985-047 Richard C. Lerblance, Trustee Melvin A. Rogers $236,295.09 09/25/1985 84-0023 Plaintiff   YES Trustee recover 236,295.09 with interest of 15% from Melvin Rogers
1985-048 Holder, Larry W. & Judit Holder dba Holder Dairy & Ranc First National Bank of Colbert $0.00 10/11/1985 85-00182 Lien Avoidance   YES Order that Debtor's Motion to avoid lien is denied.  Debtors shall tender animals and tractor to the creditor.
1985-049 First Oklahoma Bank & Trust Company of Sulphur, Oklahoma a banking corporation Hood, Carl Warren aka Carl Hood $7,500.00 10/17/1985 84-0102 Plaintiff   YES First Oklahoma Bank & Trust Co of Sulphur have judgment for $7,500 with interest 
1985-050 Betty Outhier Williams, Trustee Jimmy Kirk Givens $0.00 10/21/1985 85-0005 Plaintiff   YES Ordered that the Discharge of the Debtor is revoked nullified and denied.
1985-051 Warren L. McConnnico, Trustee Shelter America Corporation $0.00 10/20/1985 85-0030 Defendant   YES That the defendant has a valid Security Interest in their Mobile Home
1985-052 The First National Bank of Bethany a national banking association J.B. White, Jr., $170,000.00 10/23/1985 85-0037 Both 05/15/1992 YES First National Bank of Bethany recover $15,000 and additial sum of $20,00 are excepted from Discharge the Denial of discharge is dismissed each party will bear their own costs.
1985-053 Trice Wholesale Electronics Co, Inc. Custar, Sonny aka Sonny D. Custar $4,714.25 10/29/1985 85-0021 Plaintiff 12/19/1990 YES Trice recover Judment in the amout of $4,714.25 and discharge is denied for this amount
1985-054 Forrest T. Jones, Dorothy M. Jones and Richard F. Jones individually and as Trustee for the esate of robert E. Jones Joe P. Shoffstall $111,000.00 11/22/1985 85-0049 Plaintiff   YES Judgment in the amount of $111,000.00 is determine non dischargeable
1985-055 Robert Reeder, Southern electric Compnay and Ann Thompson Glen Dennis Emery aka Glen D. Emery aka G. D. Emery aka Denny Emery and Mary Francis Emery. N/A 11/22/1985 84-0087 Plaintiff   YES the Debtors of the Defendants to the plaintis are determined non dischargeable.
1985-056 City Bank, Muskogee Oklahomaq William s. Dandridge aka W.S. Dandridge $57,084.56 12/04/1985 84-0073 Plaintiff 12/04/1985 YES The debt of the Debtor to City Bank in the amount of $57,084.56 is determined to be non-dischargeable
1985-057 Jostens, Inc. a corporation Daniel B. Wood $15,000.00 12/09/1984 84-0080 Plaintiff   YES Plaintiff have Judgment  in the amount of $15,000.00 with 7.87% interest
1985-058 Strout Realty, Inc., Clyde Dean Pickle and Julie Ann Pickle $9,799.00 12/20/1985 85-0067 Plaintiff   YES debtors indebtedness is declared non-dischargeable to Strout Realty, Inc.
1985-059 A. Camp Bonds, Jr., Trustee Bardwell, Edward T. $10,000.00 12/26/1985 84-0118 Plaintiff   YES Judgment in the amount of $10,000.00 with interest of 7.57 is determine non dischargeable
1985-060 First National Bank in Durant, and oklahoma banking corporation Hogue, Charles J. & Cherrie L. $7,200.00 12/26/1985 85-0051 Plaintiff   YES Jgmt for Plaintiff in the amt of $7200, int $795.24 and atty fees $1199.24. Debt non-dischargeable
1985-061 AG-Capital Corporation Thomas, Royce & Ruth $0.00 12/27/1985 84-0052 Plaintiff   YES Judgment Determining Debt to be Nondischargeable