Reaffirmation Agreements


Reaffirmation Documents Form 2400A(12/15) and Reaffirmation Agreenments B2400A/B ALT(12/15)



  • If the debt is a joint debt and it is listed as a joint debt on the Debtor(s) Schedules, BOTH debtors must sign the Reaffirmation Agreement, or you may attach supporting documentation to show which Debtor is reaffirming the debt.


  • Reaffirmation Agreements must be filed within 60 days after the first date set for the Meeting of Creditors. 


  • Certain factors that determine whether a Reaffirmation Agreement will be set for hearing include:
    • Is the Debtor(s) Pro Se?  If the Debtor(s) is represented by an attorney during the course of the bankruptcy, but the attorney did not sign the Reaffirmation Agreement.
    • A presumption of hardship exists. 
    • The Debtor(s) signed the Motion for Court Approval of Reaffirmation Agreement.


  1. Select Bankruptcy.
  2. Select Other.
  3. Enter the correct case number.
  4. Select Docketing Event:  Reaffirmation Agreement 2400A or 2400A/B
  5. Check if joint filing with other attorney, if not, Select next.
  6. Select Party Filer.
  7. Party filer not listed, Add/Create New Party.
  8. Browse, Verify and attach the document (pdf file.)
  9. Attach supporting documents, if applicable.


  1. ~Note: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE NEW REAFFIRMATION AGREEMENT FORM 2400A or 2400A/B  REVISED 12/15. YOU ARE ALSO REQUIRED TO FILE A REAFFIRMATION AGREEMENT COVER SHEET OFFICIAL FORM 427 WITH THE REAFFIRMATION AGREEMENT.  These may be saved as one file or separate files. One would be submitted as the main document and the other as the attachment.


  1. Please complete each field.    The information you enter in each field MUST match the information on the Reaffirmation Agreement, NOT the Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet.
  2. Modify docket text as appropriate.
  3. Warning!! Verify filing entry is correct before submitting the "Final Docket Text."
  4. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.