Courtroom Technology

  Oklahoma Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Available Courtroom Technology (Okmulgee)


Our courtroom is equipped with a fully functional Audio/Video System. Monitors are placed at judge bench, court reporter desk, law clerk and deputy station, counsel tables, podium and witness stand. In addition there is a large Video Panel for Evidence presentation.

The court provides notebook computers at the counsel table and a public/attorney wi-fi connection.

Evidence Presentation for the Courtroom and Assisted Hearing Devices:

Presenting evidence in our Okmulgee Courtroom can be accomplished easily with the equipment provided.

 A Wolf Vision Document Camera is located at the podium.  This will allow documents, newspaper clippings, pictures, and more to be presented on monitors located throughout our courtroom.  Annotation tools will allow you to highlight specific areas.

 Photo of Document Camera

Other connections, located at the podium, will allow for audio presentations on devices such as digital recorders, MP3 Players,  iPods,  iPads, and other devices. Some devices may require an adapter.  Please call the court with your specific device so that we can answer any questions you may have, and help you to prepare in advance.

 Laptops may also be connected at the podium and used to present audio, video,  documents, and other evidence.

 Photo of VHS and DVD Player         A VHS Player, as well as a DVD Player are available for evidence presentation.

 Our court is also equipped with a Hearing Assistance System and assisted hearing devices are available upon request.

If you wish to bring your computer into the courtroom and use the public network connection, you must complete the Attorney Application for Court Computer Use and Responsible Use Agreement.


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