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  • Where can I find the Filing Requirements for Adversary, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 or Chapter 7?

    Please refer to our Filing Requirements Page

  • How do I correct a Social Security Number?

    Please refer to our Local Procedures Page.

  • Where can I find help with a question about Notice Procedure, Ex Parte, Notice & Motion or who to notify?
  • Where can I find information relating to Witness Fees?

    Please refer to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

  • How do I sign up for Training?

    Please refer to our Training Page .

  • What if I filed a document that contained Privacy Information?

    The Movant should file a Motion to Redact the document. A Proposed Order should state that the Movant should re-file the document.

    If the information was contained on the Petition, the Movant should file a Motion to Redact the information in the petition. The Petition should not be re-filed.

  • I'm having a problem uploading my order. What can I do?

    Make sure the order is saved as a pdf file type.

    Check to make sure the page size is 8.50 x 11.00. If you are using Adobe Acrobat, you can check the document size by using the Ctrl key and the D key at the same time. The Description Tab will show you the Page Size.

    Call the court for additional assistance.  918-549-7200 during normal business hours.

  • Where can I find out if an attorney is admitted, or How can I be admitted?

    Questions concerning whether an attorney is admitted can be directed to Oklahoma Eastern District Court.  918-684-7920

    Please refer to our Attorney Admissions Page for information on how to be admitted.


  • Where can I find more information about Pro Hac Vice Admission for a Particular Case?

    Please refer to our Attorney Admissions Page.


  • What is required to Continue a Hearing?

    Calls to Continue a Hearing should be directed to our Judge's Chambers (918 549-7205) or the Courtroom Deputy (918 549-7200).