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Directions from Oklahoma City

Directions From Oklahoma City, OK

  1. Start out going north on N Walker Ave toward Couch Dr.

  2.  Turn right onto NW 4th St.

  3.  Turn slight left onto Harrison Ave.

  4.  Turn slight right onto NE 5th St.

  5.  Merge onto I-235 S/US-77 S.

  6.  Merge onto I-40 E via EXIT 1A on the left toward I-35 N/Ft Smith/Wichita/US-62 E.

  7.  Merge onto US-69 N via EXIT 264B toward Muskogee.

  8.  Turn right onto W Okmulgee St/US-64 Bus E/US-62 Bus W.

  9.  Turn left onto N 6th St.

  10.  Take the 1st right onto W Broadway St.

  11.  Take the 1st right onto N 5th St.

  12.  101 N 5TH ST is on the right.

Ed Edmondson U.S. Courthouse

101 N. Fifth St.

Muskogee, OK 74402

The Clerk's Office is on the 4th Floor, Room 403.