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Visitor Information

Information that will be helpful when visiting our courthouse.



Security Information

You will be required to pass through a metal detector. Purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc. will also be scanned. The Court Security Officers are here for everyone's protection so please be cooperative and follow their directions.(Also, please notify the court of any special circumstances 918-549-7200)

  • Firearms, knives or any other weapons are not permitted.
  • Cell Phones, Personal Digital Assistants and Pagers are not permitted.
  • Laptop computers are only allowed by the following:
    • Federal Law Enforcement Officers
    • Employees of this Court
    • Tenants of this building
    • Lawyers who present photo identification and a current bar registration card from this court
    • Pro hac vice counsel who present photo identification and a court order which establishes that they are admitted to practice for a particular case, when counsel is at the courthouse on business related to that case
    • Individuals who are granted specific written permission from this court
  • Tobacco use is not permitted.

Available Courtroom Technology