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New Hearing Date Procedure

Monday, November 15, 2021

The Oklahoma Eastern District Bankruptcy Court will be implementing a new way to get your Hearing Dates. The Court will now also prepare your Notice of Motion Form as you docket the specified event.

 On the evening of November 30th, after 4:30 pm, Motions can not be filed to allow time for the changes to be put into place. Motion filings can resume the morning of December 1st, with the new procedures in place.

On December 1st, the current Hearing Dates Page will reflect the changes.

The instructions are also included herein.

Hearing Dates For Motions

December 1st, 2021, the Oklahoma Eastern Bankruptcy Court will start a new procedure for Hearings Dates for Motions. Please see the information below to learn how your Notice Form is now being prepared for you.

  1. Prepare your Motion in Word Processing and save as a .PDF file. 
  2. File your Motion in CM/ECF selecting the correct event under the category “Bankruptcy or Adversary” then the Menu option titled “Motions.”  During the filing of the Motion you will be instructed which event code to file to prepare the proper 420 Notice of Motion and Opportunity for Hearing.  Browse and attach your .PDF Motion.
  3. Print your filed Motion containing the footer of the printed document number, the filed date and time.
  4. Do not prepare a PDF form 420 Notice of Motion.
  5. File the Notice of Motion. Use the event code that was stated in the Motion event for the proper Form 420 Notice of Motion and Opportunity for Hearing by selecting that event under Notices.
  6. On the Hearing Information Screen, Choose the correct 420 Notice as directed in the Motion. The hearing date, time and location will populate on the form.
  7. The Objection time will calculate and prefill for you and populate on the form. There are some motions which will prompt you to retype the Objection Deadline into a form field. Be sure to follow all prompts.
  8. After submitting your event, select the correct 420 Notice Form. If your case is a Bankruptcy, select the Bankruptcy form. If your case is an Adversary, select the Adversary form.
  9. Print the Form 420 Notice of Motion and Opportunity for Hearing containing the footer of the printed document number, the filed date and time. To do this, you will need to go to the Docket Report and Select the correct document number. Save this notice to your computer first and then print the notice.
  10. Mail the Motion and the Form 420 Notice of Motion and Opportunity for Hearing to all parties that should receive notice based on the Bankruptcy Rules (Please see:  Guide to Rules for proper noticing) 
  11. Prepare a Certificate of Mailing in Word Processing and save as a .PDF file.  The Certificate of mailing should state “ All parties were notified of the Motion and Notice by CM/ECF.”  In addition, if additional parties were noticed by U.S. mail,  you must state the name and address of each party and state they were noticed by U.S. Mail.  If mailed to all Creditors on the mailing matrix, you must attach a mailing matrix to your Certificate of Mailing.
  12. File  your Certificate of mailing using the event:  Certificate of Mailing  choose the box, if all parties were noticed by electronic notice.   Browse and attach your .PDF Certificate of Mailing file.


If you have any questions, call the Clerk’s Office at 918-549-7200.

Please Note:

There are now Notice Events for Bankruptcy Cases and Notice Events for Adversary Cases.

You must select the correct Hearing for the type of Notice that you are filing.

Some new forms were created. The motion events will specify which 420 Notice to use.

420G (Motion to Extend Automatic Stay 362(c)(3)(B) and Motion to Determine Automatic Stay has taken effect after imposed 362(c)(4)(B). These will still require the filer to call the court for Hearing Information, as they have in the past.

You must comply with the instructions above or you will not be in compliance with this court's procedure.

** If the date provided is not satisfactory with the provisions (more than 30 days from date of filed motion) of 11 U.S.C. Section 362(e), the movant should notify the Court to request an expedited hearing.