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  • I'm having a problem uploading my document. I believe the file size is too large. What can I do?

    If you are scanning the document, this will create a larger file size than a document created and saved online. If the document contains signatures, graphics and non standard fonts, these can contribute to a larger file size. Here are some things you can do:

    1. Check your scanner settings. Make sure your scanner is set to black and white - not color or gray scale.
    2. Check your dpi settings. A suggested setting is no larger than 300 dpi.


    If the document was created using word processing software, convert the document directly to PDF, instead of printing the document and scanning it. This will result in better resolution and a smaller file size.

    If the document has numerous pages, break the document up into separate files and upload the separate files using the Attachments option.




  • What is the procedure to take care of a 341 Meeting \ Trustee Meeting of Creditors, when the debtor(s) are homebound and can not attend the Meeting?

    The Trustee in the Bankruptcy Case should be contacted. Arrangements should be discussed with the Trustee.

  • I received a notice, from BNC or the US Post Office, that an address on the matrix is not correct or undeliverable. What should I do?

    In the event the Debtor or Debtor's Attorney has received a document back, with a letter on the reverse, stating that the address is undeliverable, and that the creditor will not be notified, the Debtor or the Debtor's Attorney must notify the court of the corrected address.

    The Debtor may mail in the form with the address corrected on the form and signed. The court will docket. The form is to be filed using the event" Notice of Change of Address of Creditor (BNC Undeliverable Notice) Court Events. There is no fee for filing the Notice.

    The Debtor's Attorney may electronically file the form with the address corrected on the form and signed. The form is to be filed using the event " Notice of Change of Address of Creditor (BNC Undeliverable Notice)" under Notice. There is no fee for filing this Notice.



  • How can I find the correct docket event to use?

    Login to CM/ECF using your CM/ECF Login and Password. Click the Search Menu Option. Type in a key word and Click the magnifying glass icon, to begin the search. Click the link for the correct Filing Event.

  • What is required to Continue a Hearing?

    Calls to Continue a Hearing should be directed to our Judge's Chambers (918 549-7205) or the Courtroom Deputy (918 549-7200).

  • How do I cancel email notices?

    Please complete Local Form 9036-1 and File it with our court.

     Local Form 9036-1 (docx)

     Local Form 9036-1 (PDF)

  • How do I correct a Social Security Number?

    Please refer to our Local Procedures Page.

  • How do I withdraw from a case or proceeding?

    Please refer to our Local Rules and Local Rule 9010-1(B).

  • As a creditor, I need to change my address in all of our cases. How do I do this?
  • Where can I find the Filing Requirements for Adversary, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 or Chapter 7?

    Please refer to our Filing Requirements Page.