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  • When I click on a PDF it appears to download, but when I try to scroll down the document or go from page 1 to page 2, it gives an error and locks up the application in the browser. How do I fix this problem?

    A. The first way, and the best way, is to go to the root of the problem.
    1. For Adobe Acrobat Version 5:
    Click on "Edit" from the menu bar then click on "Preferences" and next "General" and then highlight "Options". You will need to uncheck the box next to "Display PDF in Browser" also uncheck the box next to "Allow Fast Web View" and uncheck the box next to "Allow Background Downloading".
    2. For Adobe Acrobat Version 4:
    Click on "File" from the menu bar. Next click on "Preferences" and then click on "General" and finally "Options". You will need to uncheck the box next to "Allow Background Downloading" and also uncheck the box next to "Web Browser Integration".

    B. The second way is the "on the fly" quick fix.
    There are two ways to address this problem. One is instead of clicking to open with the left mouse button, use the right mouse button to click once. Then, choose the option "Save As" to download the file. Once it has downloaded it will prompt you to open. You may then open and view the file with no problem.

  • I clicked on an image and now I can't find it. I got a receipt but no image. Where did it go?

    A couple things can occur in this instance. One is that your browser may background the image viewer and until you minimize your browser you can't see the image. Another may be that it is a large image and hasn't finished downloading or the link is extremely slow and hasn't finished downloading. Another possibility is something mentioned earlier. It may be that that image type was set to automatically save by default instead of opening from the current location.

  • Why do some cases not have images?

    Our images only go back as far as 1997, however we do have case information available on this site that goes back before that time on some older pending cases.

  • Why do some images show "0 pages"?

    The older image files(pre 2000) were converted from a different format and under the old system that format of multiple pages was unable to count the pages. A way to know how many pages is that most single pages are between 30K and 50K. So a 300K file would probably be about seven pages.

  • What is the best browser to use?

    This Court cannot endorse any one company over others, but most current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Chrome work well. Other browsers and Older versions of browsers may have problems viewing information on this site.  

  • How do I get a Pacer account?

    You may visit the Pacer Service Center's site at or call (800)676-6856. You can also visit our NextGen Page for additional information.