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Chapter 13 Plan

Chapter 13 Plan (Effective 12/1/17)

(Please also refer to our Chapter 13 Plan Information Page.)


When a new Chapter 13 case is filed and the attorney files the Chapter 13 Plan on the same day, the court will mail the Chapter 13 Plan along with a Notice to Creditors to the matrix. In order for the court to do this, the attorney MUST file the Chapter 13 Plan following the directions below.

If the Chapter 13 Plan is filed on a later date, the attorney will be responsible for mailing the Plan to the matrix.


Due to the dynamic nature of the new Chapter 13 Plan fillable form, the chapter 13 plan must be printed as a PDF or scanned as a PDF before it is uploaded to CM/ECF.  If the fillable version of the form is uploaded, it will not properly save in the system.

To save a version of the plan for upload, please go to the File menu in either Adobe Reader, Adobe Pro, or your preferred PDF software and select Print.  Under the printer options menu, select Adobe PDF as the name of the printer.  The system will then guide you through saving the document as a completed PDF form.  Or, you may print the Chapter 13 Plan and scan to PDF using your scanner.

After you upload your plan in the system, please check CM/ECF to see that they have uploaded properly by checking to see if a file stamp footer is stamped on the bottom page of the plan.  The clerk's office can notice only the plans filed on the same day as the petition, so if the first plan does not contain a file stamp, please immediately upload a correctly saved plan the same day as you upload your petition. Otherwise YOU will have to notice the plan and file a certificate of service.




How to file a Chapter 13 Plan:


  1. Select Bankruptcy
  2. Select File a Chapter 13 Plan
  3. Type correct  case number to match the document you are filing
  4. Select Document Event:  Chapter 13 Plan
  5. Note: If your Plan includes Requests 3.2 Valuation (Request), 3.5 Lien Avoidance (Request) and/or 6.1 Assume Lease or Executory Contract (Request) after highlighting Chapter 13 Plan, hold ctrl key and highlight each request included in the Plan.
  6. Check if joint filing with other attorney only if another attorney has signed the document if not, select next.
  7. Select Debtor(s) as Party Filer.  Click Next.
  8. If you selected any of the Requests with the Chapter 13 Plan you will be prompted with the question “How many request for valuation are included in the plan?” Select the radio button of the appropriate number of Requests. Click Next.
  9. Note: You will be prompted this question for each Request that was selected.
  10. Browse, VERIFY and attach the Chapter 13 Plan (pdf file.)  Attach supporting documents, if applicable
  11. The message displays: NOTE: If your Plan includes Requests in parts 3.2, 3.5, 3.6 or 6.1 that require service pursuant to 7004 you MUST file a separate certificate of mailing stating manner and proof of service.Click Next.
  12. Make a selection from the drop-down list. What are you filing, Original Chapter 13 Plan, Amended Chapter 13 Plan or Modified Chapter 13 Plan. Click Next.
  13. Message displays:If the Plan is filed the same date as the Petition, the Court will mail the Plan for you. If the Plan is not filed the same day as the Petition the Debtor must mail the Plan to all creditors listed on the mailing matrix and file a Certificate of Mailing stating that this has been done. REMINDER that if your Plan includes Requests in parts 3.2, 3.5, 3.6 or 6.1 that require service pursuant to 7004 you MUST file a Certificate of Mailing stating the Manner and Proof of Service, this is required even if the Court mails your plan.
  1. Message displays:
    IMPORTANT: On the next screen, if applicable, insert the name of Creditor referenced in the Requests in the free text box.
  2. Modify text, if applicable, such as:  Title of document and/or Pertinent information - names, titles, property, etc. Click Next.
  3. Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction. You will have no further opportunity to modify this submission if you continue.  Have you redacted?