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(Please see Local RULE 9013-1. MOTIONS; FORM AND SERVICE)

{Please also see our Guide to Rules, Proceedings and Hearings and Motion Procedure.}

You may also wish to visit the CM/ECF Utilities Menu Option:  Mailing Information for a Case Report. You will be required to be logged into CM/ECF to run this report. You may run this report to see who is set up to receive electronic notice in a case and to also see who may require paper notices. This may be useful when considering the Certificate of Service.


General Motions


Upload your Proposed Order

{Please refer to our E-Orders Page}


FIle your Notice of Motion

{Please refer to our Hearing Dates for Motions Page to obtain the correct form and the correct Object Deadline and Hearing Date}


Please refer to our Online Payments Page if your motion requires a fee.