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(Please see Local RULE 9013-1. MOTIONS; FORM AND SERVICE)

{Please also see our Guide to Rules, Proceedings and Hearings and Motion Procedure.}

You may also wish to visit the CM/ECF Utilities Menu Option:  Mailing Information for a Case Report. You will be required to be logged into CM/ECF to run this report. You may run this report to see who is set up to receive electronic notice in a case and to also see who may require paper notices. This may be useful when considering the Certificate of Service.

*** If you are filing a combined Motion, such as a Motion for Relief from Stay and Motion for Abandonment, you will see duplicate reminder messages, as these are contained within each motion event. You must contiune to complete each screen and press Next as prompted. Your motion has not been "filed" until you receive the Notice of Electronic Filing. ***

General Motions

*** Your motion must be "filed" before you can upload your Proposed Order. ***

Upload your Proposed Order

{Please refer to our E-Orders Page}

*** Your motion must be "filed" before you file your Notice of Motion. ***

FIle your Notice of Motion

{Please refer to our Hearing Dates for Motions Page to obtain the correct form and the correct Object Deadline and Hearing Date}


Please refer to our Online Payments Page if your motion requires a fee.