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Open Bankruptcy Case

Open a Bankruptcy (BK) Case:

NOTE: These are instructions to follow if you do not have Bankruptcy Software.

 (Please also refer to our Filing Requirements Page for additional filing information.)

Filing A New Bankruptcy Case Video

Select Bankruptcy

  1. Select Open a  Voluntary BK Case
  2. Select appropriate chapter 7, 11, 12, 13, etc.
  3. Select "yes" if joint petition (joint debtor).
  4. Click Next

Search for a Party screen:

  1. Enter social security number, tax identification number or last/business name (upper and lower case) to search for debtor name in the ECF database.
  2. Party search results:  If debtor name appears, select the name from the list and verify
  3.  ~Note: If debtor is barred from filing, STOP opening the case.
  4.  If debtor information is the same, click on "Select name from list" button.
  5.  If debtor name does not appear, click on "Create new party."

Party Information screen:

  1. This screen appears for selected name or creating new party.
  2. Complete/Update all appropriate fields for the debtor.  Include mailing address.
  3.  Indicate County.
  4. Select the "Alias" button if debtor has alias.  Complete all appropriate fields for alias(es).
  5.  Select appropriate Role for alias(es) (aka, dba, fdba, fda).
  6. Review alias(es) once more by clicking on the "Review" button.  If the alias is incorrect, uncheck the alias(es), Click Return to Party screen and repeat the process to correct the information.
  7. When done, click on "Return to Party screen" button.
  8. Review debtor information once more before submission.
  9. ~Note: Repeat the steps for Joint Debtor (jtdb.pty), if applicable. If Joint Debtor's address is different from Debtor, uncheck "Copy previous party's address.
  10. The Divisional Office is assigned based on the county code. Click Next.


Statistical Information screen:

  1. Select "yes" or "no" for prior filings within 8 years.
  2. Select "Paid" or "Installment" for Fee Status.
  3. If selecting Installment you must also file an Application to Pay Installments.
  4. Select "consumer" or "business" for Nature of debt.(Chapter 12 and 9 must select "business".)
  5. Select "yes" for Asset Notice, ONLY if case is a Chapter 11, 12 or 13.
  6. Select the appropriate Estimated number of creditors, assets and liabilities for the case.
  7. Select "Type of Debtor", such individual, corporation, etc.
  8. Select "y" or "n" for small business (Chapter 11 only).
  9. Check box if plan filed with petition.
  10. Check box if plan accepted pre-petition.
  11. Select appropriate Nature of Business, if applicable.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Browse, verify and attach the Voluntary Petition (pdf file.)
  14. Complete Summary of Schedules from appropriate forms.
  15. Click Next.

Presumption Arises:

  1. In a Chapter 7 Case Select "yes" "no" or Unknown" concerning Presumption of Abuse Verify filing fee amount.
  2. Click Next.
  3. ~Note:  All Petitions Paid in Installments Must be Accompanied by An Application To Pay Filing Fees in Installments. Otherwise, The Full Fee Will Be Charged To your Credit Card.
  4. Verify the Filing Fee or Change the amount paid if submitting an Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installments.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Modify text, if applicable.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction. You will have no further opportunity to modify this submission if you continue.
    Have you redacted?
  9. Click Next.


Summary of Charges Screen Pops UP:

  1. You have the option to "Pay now" or "Continue Filing"(if you have more cases).
  2. ~Note:  A Pop-Up Blocker can prevent this screen from displaying. You will need to turn this off or add as an exception.
  3. Refer to Local Rule 1006-1 and Local Rule 5080-1, and Administrative Procedure XVII for more information on Fees and Payments.


Upload a Creditor Matrix File

Uploading Creditors Video

  1. Select Bankruptcy
  2. Select Creditor Maintenance
  3. Select Upload a Creditor Matrix file
  4. Ensure correct case name and number match the creditors you are filing.
  5. Browse, Verify and attach the creditor mailing list (txt file).
  6. Click on the Submit button.
  7. Verify Creditors Receipt.


Judge, Trustee Assignment

Running the Judge / Trustee Assignment Video

  1. Select Bankruptcy.
  2. Select Judge/Trustee Assignment.
  3. Note the assignments.

Errors:  Contact the Clerk's Office 918-549-7200. Available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F
or email Help Desk at

Forgot?: The ECF system will automatically assign the judge, trustee and 341 meeting at the end of the day.


(Please also refer to our Filing Requirements Page for additional filing information.)


Online Payment

Paying Your Filing Fee Online Video

Please refer to our Online Payment Page for these instructions.